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Check it out @ the Library May 31st

The Outsider by Stephen King. Broken Places by Tracy Clark. Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts.
Check it out @ the Library May 31st

The Outsider by Stephen King

Check it out @ The Library

New On the Shelf

The Outsider by Stephen King.  Terry Maitland is a man of solid reputation, popular in the community, a wife and two daughters, and a baseball coach.  Terry has also been publicly arrested for the gruesome murder of an eleven-year-old boy.  Detective Ralph Anderson, whose son Maitland coached, issues the order for arrest and pursues the case with vigor, regardless of any other opinion.  Maitland has an alibi however, video footage taken in another city altogether at the time the crime was committed.  But even this won’t be enough to save him.  It’s a race against the clock to find the real killer before he can kill and place the blame on another innocent again.

Broken Places by Tracy Clark.  After taking a bullet in the line of duty, thanks mostly to the incompetence of a colleague; Cass Raines has gone into the much less stressful world of private investigations.  She takes enough cases to pay the bills and works at her own pace, taking ample time to keep an eye on the other tenants of her apartment building, bike the lakefront, and play chess with Father Ray Heaton.  When Father Ray asks Cass to look into the recent vandalism of his church, she readily agrees.  Hours later Cass stumbles upon Father Ray’s body and a dead gangbanger nearby.  The lead detective assigned to the case is writing it off as a robbery gone wrong, but Cass knows there is more to the story and she is going to find out what. 

Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts.  At a mall just outside Portland, Maine, people go about their lives the same as any other evening.  Teenagers go to the movies, things are bought and sold, and then the shooters came.  For eight brutal minutes, there was chaos and carnage, and then the killers were stopped.  Those eight minutes will color the lives of the survivors for the rest of their lives.  One dedicates himself to law enforcement, another finds solace in her art.  However, one survivor and conspirator may just be coming to finish what was started at that mall outside Portland. 

Happening @ The Library

Summer reading is just around the corner so keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming programs and events here and on our Facebook page. 

Share & Learn @ The Library.  Thursday May 31st from 6-7 pm come and learn about the Philippines with Aishel Pastor Goins.  Aishel will cover festivals, Filipino culture and beliefs, and the local beauty and language.  Come join us for a look at the fun in the Phillipines.

Come visit us at the library Monday through Wednesday noon to 8 pm, Thursday and Friday 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday 10 am to 3 pm. You can also visit our Facebook page-Clarion Iowa Public Library or our website

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