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Check it out @ the Library August 16th

Gilad: Xcelerate-4 workout series vol. 1-4 on DVD Double Blind by Iris Johansen The Quiet Side of Passion by Alexander McCall Smith

Check it out @ The Library

New On the Shelf

Gilad: Xcelerate-4 workout series vol. 1-4 on DVD.  Fitness Hall of Fame inductee Gilad put together the Xcelerate-4 workout program for, and with input from, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.  Initially put together to help the Duchess trim and tone, the 4 volume series is ideal for anyone who wants to build strength and trim down in as little as 30 minutes a day.  Just work along to one DVD per day for four days and take the fifth day off to relax, and then repeat to tone up and slim down.  Each volume targets a specific area or exercise need like boosting metabolism or building core strength. 

Double Blind by Iris Johansen.  Using her incredibly keen powers of observation as a hired gun for various law enforcement agencies, Kendra Michaels finds herself initially reluctant to help with the latest case brought to her by the FBI.  When she learns that the murdered woman was found just blocks away from her condo and carrying an envelope with her name on it, however, Kendra knows that she is now fulling invested in this case.  The ordinary SD card in the envelope holds only the seemingly innocent video of a wedding reception, leaving Kendra wondering at its significance until the bride in the video is kidnapped from her own home.  Now the hunt is on for the mastermind behind it all, as the body count rises along with the stakes, Kendra finds herself working alongside a private detective and an agent-for-hire as plots on all sides build to an inevitable crescendo. 

The Quiet Side of Passion by Alexander McCall Smith.  Finding herself befriended by the mother of one of her sons’ classmates was not on Isabel’s to-do list at all, especially when she didn’t care much for Patricia at all.  Trying to be polite and supportive of the single mother is one thing, however when she spies Patricia in the company of a possible wanted criminal, Isabel decides to take a closer look into the past of her “friend” and the paternity of young Basin Jr.  Finding Basil Sr. very much willing to be in his sons life, but denied by Patricia is something of a surprise to Isabel, and contrary to the story she was told.  Turning the rather ethically complex situation over in her mind, Isabel also finds herself grappling with the problem of her niece, Cat, and her current paramour, a brawny and rather opinionated tattoo shop clerk.  With two rather thorny problems to sort out, Isabel’s keen intelligence and usual kindness will be sorely tested.   

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