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Check it out @ the Library October 4th

Transcription by Kate Atkinson. Christmas Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke. A Catered Cat Wedding by Isis Crawford.

Check it out @ The Library

Graphic Novel Club.  Jr. High students are invited to the library October 5th after school until 4:30 pm to discuss the art of graphic novels and what it takes to make them.  And they’ll have the chance to make their own too!

New On the Shelf

Transcription by Kate Atkinson.  Juliet Armstrong wants to do her part for the war effort, even if she is just eighteen years old.  Keeping track of British Fascist sympathizers for MI5 was not what she had in mind, even if it is at times mind numbingly boring and terrifying by turns.  After the war, Juliet puts that part of her life well behind her and moves on to working for the BBC.  10 years down the road and working as a radio producer, Juliet’s past has caught up with her, and there is new battle to being fought.  The past never truly stays buried, and Juliet is beginning to see even old actions still have consequences. 

Christmas Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke.  Hannah Swensen has dreamed of opening her own shop and becoming the top baker in Lake Eden, Minnesota.  Those dreams look to be taking shape, The Cookie Jar is starting to become a reality, and Hanna has agreed to help recreate a Christmas Ball from years past in honor of Eddie Granger.  However, Hannah finds herself sidetracked by Essie’s notebooks full of amazing tales of danger and adventure on the streets of New York.  The more amazing part is when she discovers that the stories are all true!  Now Hanna must manage running her dream bakery, moving out of her mother’s house, and solving the mystery she has inadvertently found herself in deeper than cherries in a fruitcake. 

A Catered Cat Wedding by Isis Crawford.  Susie Katz has a reputation she has carefully cultivated and refined for years, she is the crazy cat lady of Longely, New York.  To amuse herself, and conveniently annoy her enemies, Susie has decided to hold a lavish wedding for her two Russian blues.  Extravagant decorations, diamond studded collars for the bride and groom, sure to be annoyed guests, and high-class food provided by Bernie and Libby Simmons, caterers and occasionally crime solvers.  When a gift of mice escapes and disrupts the reception, the happy couple goes missing and hours later Susie is found with a knife in her back.  Now the guests have become suspects and it’s up to the Simmons sisters to find out who gave the cat lady the brush off. 

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