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Check it out @ the Library December 20th.

The Lines We Leave Behind by Eliza Graham. The Enemy of My Enemy by W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV. Seven Sundays by Alec Penix and Myatt Murphy.

Check it out @ The Library

The Clarion Public Library will be closed Christmas Eve day and Christmas Day so that our staff can spend the holiday with their families.  Happy Holidays from all of us at the Clarion Public Library!

New On the Shelf

The Lines We Leave Behind by Eliza Graham.  She is under observation in an insane asylum, she has been charged with a violent crime, and she has no memory of the crime she is being held for and little memory of her life at all before the asylum.  She remembers working against the Germans in Yugoslavia, dangerous work where she lost many comrades.  She remembers her love, their marriage and their work together during the war.  As she works to recover her memories and piece together her past, she must confront the truth of her situation: is she truly a criminal or was she betrayed.

The Enemy of My Enemy by W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV.  Special agent James Cronley Jr. has captured two notorious Nazi war criminals, though in the process leaving bodies and outraged Austrian police behind him.  Still, he considers it a job well done and worth the need to lay low for a while, at least until those war criminals are broken out of jail.  Now Cronley is tracking not just the criminals but also the last plans of Heinrich Himmler, a fortune dedicated to a religion based on Himmler himself and a Fourth Reich.  The purpose may be faded, but the money is still out there in the hands of Odessa, the organization itself gaining troubling new allies.  Conflict breeds strange alliances, and Cronley is confronted with the issue of just whom he can and cannot trust.    

Seven Sundays by Alec Penix and Myatt Murphy.  Trainer Alex Penix believes that most diets fail because they focus solely on the physical and not the spiritual side of self-improvement.  In Seven Sundays, Penix lays out a plan to build up the body and the soul to become the best you can be.  Laid out in a day-to-day style focusing on ‘Pillars of Promise’ for the spiritual and ‘Faithfull Foods’ for the physical, the program builds week by week towards lasting life changes. 

RB Digital has acquired Zinio magazines, and sometime after the first of the year the Zinio app will no longer work.  However, the same content will still be available through RB Digitals app and website.  Regular users may have already been notified of the changes and directed to the new interface.  If you have any questions about RB Digital, or any other online services offered through the library website please feel free to call or stop in.

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