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Check it out @ the Library May 2nd

The Silent Patient by Alex Micaelides. Miracle at St. Andrews by James Patterson & Peter De Jonge. Tex Mex: Traditions, Innovations, and Comfort Foods from Both Sides of the Border by Ford Fry & Jessica Dupuy.

Check it out @ The Library

New On the Shelf

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides.  A famous painter herself and happily married to an extremely popular fashion photographer, Alicia Berenson has an almost idyllic life.  That happiness makes her murder of her husband even more shocking.  After shooting her husband five times, Alicia ceases to speak at all, adding fuel to the fire of interest in the bizarre tragedy.  Theories abound about her motives and the price of her artwork goes through the roof, meanwhile Alicia is hidden away from the media circus in a secure psychiatric facility in North London.  Fascinated by the story, criminal psychotherapist Theo Faber is determined to work with Alicia and get her to talk.  In his attempts to unravel the mystery that is Alicia and why she shot her husband, Theo finds a truth more frightening than anyone could have imagined.

Miracle at St. Andrews by James Patterson & Peter De Jonge.  All it takes to change a life is one shot.  For pro golfer Travis McKinley it was a missed putt on the 18th green, and just like that he is off the Senior Tour and his career all but over.  Feeling like an amateur in all aspects of his life and with no clear direction, a stranger gives him new direction, “Go back to the beginning. The very beginning.”  Following the advice both literally and figuratively, Travis returns to his ancestral home –Scotland, where the game of golf was born.  Looking deep within himself, and past simply putting a ball into a hole, Travis steps onto the Old Course at St. Andrews hoping to recapture the magic of the game.

Tex Mex: Traditions, Innovations, and Comfort Foods from Both Sides of the Border by Ford Fry & Jessica Dupuy.  Born out of the collision of cultures when Northern Mexican cuisine met the kitchens of Texas ranchers’, Tex-Mex is truly a food phenomenon all its own.  Restaurateur Ford Fry puts forth recipes ranging from comfort food favorites to classics you may not have experienced yet, but will want to.  Alongside fantastic photos and helpful hints, there are also bits of interesting history and ingredient explanations for those new to the style.  From heat to sweet, with drinks to refresh in-between, this book has your Tex-Mex cravings covered.

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