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Check it out @ the Library June 6th

California Girls by Susan Mallery. The Yankee Widow by Linda Lael Miller. Queen Bee by Dorothea Benton Frank.

Check it out @ The Library

California Girls by Susan Mallery.  Notoriously upbeat and a highly popular LA morning show host, Finola looks to have a rather good life.  At least until she is surprised on live TV with the news her husband is having an affair with a young pop star, who used the details of the infidelity for her newest single.  Zennie doesn’t mind being alone, it leaves more time for surfing.  When her best friend asks her to be her surrogate, Zennie readily agrees since she has nothing else going on, but soon finds pregnancy to be more lonely and complicated that she imagined.  Always overshadowed by her sisters, Ali finds a new low when her fiancé sends his brother to announce he is calling off their wedding.  Beset by trouble, three sisters come together to rebuild their lives and re-forge their friendship.

The Yankee Widow by Linda Lael Miller.  Life is simple for Caroline and Jacob, raising their daughter on their farm just outside of Gettysburg.  Not even Jacob joining the Northern army manages to change things, until Caroline receives word that her husband has been wounded.  Making her way to Washington City to search for Jacob among the multitudes of casualties is just the beginning of the hardship for Caroline.  Succumbing to his injuries, Jacobs’ death leaves Caroline alone to bring his body home on the eve of one of the deadliest battles of the war.  Surrounded by opposing troops, looters and unknown dangers, Caroline must balance compassion for the needy with wariness of those who would prey on her.  Helping two wounded strangers, each from opposite sides in the fight, Caroline finds compassion and attraction from both but only one may be worth risking her heart.

Queen Bee by Dorothea Benton Frank.  Sisters Holly and Leslie both took different paths in dealing with their “Queen Bee” mother, Leslie married to escape life on Sullivan’s Island and Holly retreated to tending her beehives and watching the lives of the widowed father and his two sons next door.  However, when Leslie returns after her marriage imploded, both sisters find themselves fixated on the drama unfolding next door.  Does the father really love such a cold hearted and awful woman, and if they marry what will become of the boys?  Leslie steadily burns through favors and promises to find more information and Holly explains it all to her bees as if they’ll have the answers. 

The Clarion Public Library will have a table at Gazeebo Park for Festival in the Park on Friday June 7th from 5-8pm to kick off our summer reading program.  Kids can stop by to pick up a summer reading log and have some out of this world fun.

The Clarion Public Library will be closed on Saturday June 8th for Festival in the Park.

Come visit us at the library Monday from 10 am to 8 pm, Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday 9 am to noon. You can also visit our Facebook page-Clarion Iowa Public Library or our website

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