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Check it out @ the Library July 18th

Under Currents by Nora Roberts. The Never Game by Jeffery Deaver. The Idle Beekeeper: The Low-Effort, Natural Way to Raise Bees by Bill Anderson.

Check it out @ The Library

Under Currents by Nora Roberts.  Growing up in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains in a beautiful home and with successful parents, Zane Bigelow and his sister seemed to have a near perfect life.  But lurking behind the ballet recitals and baseball games, was a darkness ready to consume the entire family.  After the cracks in the pleasant public face their family presented to the public became too large to ignore, Zane made his escape to college and never looked back.  However, years later Zane is determined not to let his past rule his life and wants to reconnect with the people and places of his youth.  Returning to his hometown and looking to restart his life, Zane encounters Darby, a landscape artist with her own dark past.  Both haunted by their histories and hoping for a brighter future, together they’ll face the past and build a better tomorrow.

The Never Game by Jeffery Deaver.  Growing up in a family of survivalists has left Colter Shaw with an interesting set of skills to put to use, including being an expert tracker.  Traveling the country, Shaw acts as a “reward seeker” helping police solve crimes and people locate missing persons.  Taking what seems to be a rather basic missing woman case in Silicon Valley soon turns into a dive into the dark side of America’s tech hub and the ruthless world of the video-gaming industry.  After another kidnapping, things seem to point to the game The Whispering Man, where the player is abandoned with five random objects.  Tracking a madman taking their cues from the game finds Shaw in a game of cat-and-mouse with deadly consequences. 

The Idle Beekeeper: The Low-Effort, Natural Way to Raise Bees by Bill Anderson.  With global bee populations falling, one of our prime pollinators is in danger.  Although industrial apiaries can take up a limited amount of slack, idle beekeeping may be our best bet to assist the bee population.  Taking a low-intervention approach that seeks to emulate the natural environment of bees in the wild, and requires only two active beekeeping days per year makes idle beekeeping an optimal option for beginners and those in urban environments.  Through years of applied curiosity and experience as an urban beekeeper, author Bill Anderson applies modern methods to older techniques.  With step-by-step directions for everything from harvesting honey to using it in mead and making beeswax candles, nothing is wasted and maximum utility is achieved through minimal effort.

Happening @ the Library

Summer reading has begun at the library! Come in to check out books and earn entries in our end of summer giveaway! 

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